Behind the ‘staches + bowties: MR DANNIJO – the party

You guessed it, there were in fact ladies behind those ‘staches and bowties last night at Co-Op in celebration of our latest collaboration with ManRepeller (AKA Medine/Medinium, my wife and ETAM LUOS <–soul mate spelled backwards). Its called, ehem, MR DANNIJO (ManRepeller + DANNIJO = MR DANNIJO) in case you are living under a rock and haven’t heard about it on all the coolest blogs and in the latest breaking news headlines.

There were hotties in ‘staches n bowties everywhere, EVERY GUYS DREAM (we think?). Peep the pics below and get stached and tied if you haven’t already HERE.

Medinium, do you have a halo? WTF??

Jo in the Sinatra + Danni in the Aram and Kristen necklaces

Erin + James, Michelle + Danielle ‘stached

the Danni in DANNIJO, Sarah Rosen, Logan Horne

John Forte and yours truly

Cleo Wade, the Jo in DANNIJO

Naveen Selvaduri (Foursquare!!!), moi, John Forte

Lisa Mayock of my fave Vena Cava

the other 1/2 of Vena Cava – Sophie Buhai

with total babes

If you like what you saw and want to see more, or if you’re a stalker, actually NOT if you’re a stalker: FOR MORE PICS CLICK HERE