Girl Crush: Rashida Jones

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DJ: Your style icon:
RJ: Jane Birkin, Kate Moss, Lauren Hutton, Diane Keaton, can’t choose one

DJ: Your sign: (same as mine!!!)

DJ: Do you read your horoscope regularly and are you into astrology? If so, what site?
RJ: Well I used to, but then there was a whole change in the astrology world and now apparently I’m a different sign so I’ve sort of given up. But I DO believe in astrology. I mean sheesh, it’s older than most religions.

DJ: Your idol/inspiration:
RJ: My parents. They follow their heart. Mike Nichols, Beyonce, Bill Withers, Bill Cunningham. People who are true to themselves and live and love and work hard.

DJ: Something most people don’t know about you:
RJ: I LOVE the mall.

DJ: Your motto:
RJ: YOLO. Just kidding. This year, I’m going with “keep it real or keep it moving.”

DJ: Your latest obsession:
RJ: The FX show “The Americans.” All the suspense of “Homeland” plus awesome 80s soundtrack and fashion. Great acting.

DJ: Favorite indulgence:
RJ: Straus’ banana brown sugar ice cream

DJ: Favorite movies or TV shows:
RJ: Homeland, Portlandia, Broadcast News, Airplane!, Groundhog Day, Network

DJ: Best documentary:
RJ: So many. Searching for Sugarman, Still Bill, Marwencol, Transcendent Man, Food Inc.

DJ: Best concert you ever saw:
RJ: Michael Jackson Victory Tour

DJ: Your go-to shoes:
RJ: Right now, Balenciaga loafers

DJ: Fashion (Week) do:
RJ: Be drunk the whole time.

DJ: Fashion (Week) don’t:
RJ: Don’t wear stupid, impractical outfits just so you can get photographed for a style blog.

DJ: Song on repeat:
RJ: Miguel “Adorn”

DJ: Favorite vacation spot:
RJ: Tuscany

DJ: Favorite handbag:
RJ: Celine trio bag

DJ: Beauty secret:

DJ: Favorite workout:
RJ: Dancing with friends

DJ: Favorite NY restaurant/spot:
RJ: ABC Kitchen

DJ: Favorite LA restaurant:
RJ: Akasha

DJ: If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?
RJ: I want to have dinner.

DJ: What’s your latest (make believe) band name? Mine is BOWING FOR RAINBOWS (beat that)
RJ: My writing partner and I have a running list of band names. We work on them more than we actually write anything. The best ones right now are Charge for Garbage and Electronic Feelings.

DJ: Favorite DANNIJO piece:
RJ: SO MANY, but I love the Glynn necklace.

Photo credits: Zimbio, STREETSFN, Fan Pop