Jodie and I have always had such an incredible relationship with our mother, and she's one of the reasons our sisterly bond is so strong.  In honor of Mother's Day, I asked them about their favorite parts of motherhood, their go-to accessories and how being a Mom has influenced their style. 
- xx Danielle -

DANNIJO co-founder, Jodie Snyder Morel with daughter, Margaux Grace and newborn, Liev Joseph.

Jodie, What's your favorite thing about motherhood? 
The unconditional love -- there's nothing like the love you feel for your children.

How has being a mom changed your style?
I have a lot less time for myself, so I rely on accessories to freshen up my look. I usually have a stack of cuffs on one wrist and a bandana choker around my neck since my go-to look is jeans and a tee. In the summer I wear a lot of flowy dresses and victorian lace.

How are you different than your Mom and how are you similar? 
My mom has more patience that I do --it's something that I'm working on-- but I think patience probably grows with motherhood. It's true what they say that you end of becoming your mother -- in my case I couldn't be happier.  I hope to be as good a Mom as mine is. 

What's your favorite childhood memory of Mom? 
I remember always wanting to be with Mom and one time we took a family trip to Quebec city and I insisted on having dinner alone with mom so I made Dad and Danielle have a separate dinner. My mom and I had dinner at an old palace in Quebec City.

What's your go-to DANNIJO style? 
I wear my DANNIJO Amadora ring set everyday.  It's become a family staple- my mom and sister wear it too. 

"Since I'm always on the go and have a new-born baby, I tend to rely on accessories to create my look. I gravitate towards color and kid-friendly styles like the choker and stackable bracelets."

-DANNIJO co-founder Jodie Snyder Morel


Lauren Snyder, Danielle and Jodie's Mom.

Mom, What's your favorite thing about motherhood?
It's been my greatest joy to watch Jodie & Danielle evolve into the young women I'm SO immensely proud of! I  treasure their close sisterhood; especially how they support one another personally and in their venture, Dannijo.

What are three words to describe Danielle and Jodie?
Danielle is Imaginative, Compassionate and Stylish. Jodie is a Loving Maman, Strong -willed and Elegant.

What's the best advice your mom ever gave you?
"In every situation, look for the 'silver lining'"

What is your most coveted accessory and why?
For me, a day without DANNIJO is a day without sunshine! My favorite pieces are bibs, Doma cuff and my Ash statement earrings. They're priceless to me, so I put them in the hotel room's safe when I travel.

"I wear DANNIJO every day to brighten my look -- the pieces serve as little reminders of my girls.  I feel naked without statement jewelry." 
Danielle and Jodie's Mom, Lauren Snyder


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~ Danielle