A mother-daughter backyard tie-dying session inspired our new ultra-soft cotton hoodie design. Here, we explore the backstory behind the summer trend with which we're completely obsessed.



The best kind of fashion is born from real life, and our latest must-have is no different. Our new rainbow hoodie was inspired by Jodie and her four-year-old daughter Margaux after they spent a weekend afternoon tie-dying in their backyard and loved the results. 


Their mother-daughter DIY session coincided with a tie-dye renaissance - the look has been elevated to the runways at Stella McCartney, Prada and Chloé - but for us, it's a wear-anywhere cotton hoodie that gives it closet staple status.


The art of tie-dye is nothing new though. It dates back as far as 4000 AD, and was practiced by ancient civilizations in India, China and Peru. Tie-dyed garments as we know them today took off in the 1960s, and have been a symbol of hippy culture ever since.



The patterns are achieved by knotting or twisting the fabric before dipping or painting it in dye. The folds mean that not every part of the garment is touched by the dye, resulting in beautiful and unpredictable designs when unravelled.


The faded neons we've chosen for our own hoodies - which are hand-dyed in NYC - look especially good with our silk slips and denim, though we've been wearing them with pretty much everything. The process makes the mid-weight, slightly stretchy cotton particularly soft


We've even made them in tiny sizes for for the ultimate in mommy-daughter dressing. The next shipment of women's and kids' hoodies lands on March 22 and you can pre-order here. Margaux (below) will be on dispatch duty.


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