My latest obsession for the face and mind is Rachel Lang and Heidi Frederick's FACE LOVE. Not only is it one of the best things you can do to feel good this hectic holiday season, but it also makes you look good -- activating your inner beauty. Read the article below written exclusively for World of Dannijo by co-founder Rachel Lang and learn why the transformative power of touch is the greatest gift you can give this holiday season. 

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Chufy at Dannijo x Image Skincare's Girls Night In Pajama Party in Sept 2017

FaceLove by Rachel Lang

It was my own experience in diminishing scar tissue from my 4 cleft lip repair facial surgeries that inspired me to become a facial expert.  I’ve spent what seems like a lifetime taking care of my own skin post facial surgeries as a young girl through my teens followed by years of caring for my clients as a practicing esthetician. 

Facial care has always seemed to incorporate old and new trends like the use of royal jelly and vitamin E capsules to high tech products infused with fruit acids or specially preserved time release vitamin c.  However, the most powerful variable and common denominator, I realized, is simply touch. Blood follows hand, and high circulation is what feeds the skin from the inside out and triggers metabolic activity such as waste elimination, cell turnover and collagen production leaving the skin looking brighter and more youthful.  This realization that touch is crucial in providing results for these skin care products is wherein I conceptualized FaceLove therapy.  It was my experience that consistent touch or “Self Love” was the key to seeing a glowing, responsive face.  

The sensory perception through touch links the mind to the body as well as cells to positive communication such as exchanging toxins and stress for oxygen and nutrition. When beginning my own facial practice over 20 years ago, day spas and facials were just coming back into fashion in the United States (despite having always been a normal beauty practice in Europe and Asia).  At that time, I came up against quite a bit of resistance to getting facials due to little understanding of skin and the debate over natural versus synthetic products.  There was a fear of being sensitive to a facial or product or a fear of breaking out that I seemed to always be up against.  Thus, I decided to make my practice about the skin and muscle capabilities of the face instead of product and traditional facial styles-- I created the ‘Water Facial’ which was just the power of my hands, a little water and firm muscle toning technique.  I started to see incredible results with my clients such as desensitizing, smoother clearer complexions, and softening of fine lines.  

After many years of studying indigenous forms of head, neck and face massage and exercise techniques from around the world along with their historical documented results, I created FaceLove.  FaceLove is meant to be an accessible way to invest in yourself.  The powerful combination of a little time plus touch on your face will amplify how you feel and see your own beauty.  I encourage you to touch yourself as much as possible and see the difference.  It will visibly erase signs of stress such as dullness, fatigue and tension.  The more you do it the better the results and longer lasting they can be as muscle has memory and the ability to accumulate strength and firmness.

What is FaceLove?

FaceLove is a modern beauty wellness ritual.  We believe beauty starts from the inside and can be activated through one of the most elemental tools available: human touch.  A seemingly simple construct, touch gets overlooked in a world where beauty is focused on topical potions, complicated routines, and intrusive techniques.  We felt it was time to change that.

FaceLove is a holistic beauty meets wellness experience rooted in the healing power of touch.  Our unique mix of face massage, exercise and acupressure will leave you feeling centered, rejuvenated and glowing allowing your skin and whole self to better detoxify and thrive.  We want you to look, feel and be your best.  

The inspiration:  Activating Inner Beauty

We are continuously amazed by the power of the body’s  ecosystem and it’s capability to transform, regenerate and progress.  We believe the modern face can be reinvigorated, strengthened & toned by true wellness principles of exercise, stress reduction and nutrition just like the body.  We’ve created simple small rituals that deliver visible rejuvenation for the face, mind and body that can be done at home.

Working within your own body mechanics is literally at your finger tips and the power of touch is invaluable in the care and activation of your body’s systems.  As a body is being created the mind and the skin are formed at the same time and therefore mindfulness and the sense of touch are closely connected to our emotional balance and cellular efficiency.  For example when pre-mature babies born are massaged they gain weight twice as fast as those that are not massaged.*  (NTRI)

It works just as powerfully with beauty wellness and the positive maintenance  of cellular metabolism of the face encouraging healthy nourished cells to the surface of the skin faster and diffusion and elimination of inflammation and toxins from the skin.  Touch, (along with breath and exercise) also release immune boosting pleasure chemicals known as ‘Endorphins” into the body flow particularly around the face which erases visible stress from the face which we call enhancing the FaceJoy!  The face is intimately connected with the rest of the body and there are pressure points on the face that correspond with all of the vital organs and system of the body.  For example the point located  on the centerline in between the eyebrows is connected to the liver and the emotion irritability.  It is a powerful point to massage as it will sedate and cool the body encouraging a purifying and blissful state of being.

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