Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface

One of my favorite parts of having my own label is getting to work with some of the most incredible artists. We shot last week with makeup artist Kumiko Hirose, so naturally I drilled her on all things beauty. Check out the interview below and restock your makeup cabinet ASAP. 

- xx Danielle -

We know it's not great to bake in the sun, so what self-tanners are you loving and what bronzers do you recommend?

I love Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Body Lotion. It's all natural; made of healthy ingredients; is long lasting, easy to apply and smells like coconut. 


Where should one apply bronzer to the face to achieve that sun-kissed look? 

It's important to use one constant brush stroke. Start from one high cheek bone to the other high cheek bone moving across the face, and over the nose! Then with whatever is left over on the brush, touch the top of forehead and chin! 


What's the best way for someone to achieve the dewy skin look (and what products are you loving)?

After you apply makeup to the face, spray CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir over the entire face and then apply RMS Beauty Living Luminizer on just the highlighted areas.


Do you like Waterproof mascara or does it dry out your lashes? Which mascaras do you love?

I only use waterproof mascara during the summer months-- it's perfect for hot weather and the beach. I love L’OREAL Paris Voluminous Original Waterproof Mascara. It gives the lashes a full volume look while not making the lashes appear stiff. 


For when you lose lashes, what product do you recommend to help grow them back? 

I swear by Nutra Luxe Lash Eyelash Formula Eyelash Conditioner, Growth Enhancer.


Favorite nude lip product (pencil/lip):

NARS Belle De Jour with light beige and coral toned nudes and Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G NUDE KATE with light pink toned nudes.


Favorite makeup remover products:

I like BIODERMA Sehnsibio H2O as a daily makeup remover. CHANEL Demaquillant Yeux Intense is great for harder to remove eye makeup. It’s also great for waterproof mascara and eyeliner!


Any all-natural, quick fix trick you do at home? ie. heat honey and apply to face after you've washed it for extra moisture... or something that cures acne?

Honestly, Coconut oil is the best multi-functional, most commonly found at home product that everyone should be using. You can use it on skin, hair and lips as a moisturizer! Coconut oil also works great as a makeup remover/ after-sun burn cure! You can even mix the coconut oil with honey and use it as a face mask! For acne, I apply either lavender oil or tea tree oil with Q-tips, these oils have antibacterial agents that help fight against breakouts.


What's the next big trend in makeup? With Summer here, what are the latest trends in makeup that you're loving?

The 80’s are coming back! Bright reds, red-oranges and pink lip colors are all the hype! I also use these lip colors to touch the cheeks using it as blush! Playing with Glitter also seems to be an upcoming trend. Mix the glitter with lip gloss and apply on the eye lids and lips!


Do you like color mascaras? If so, which ones?

Yes! Changing to colored mascara can completely transform your look.  The trend is playful and fun for the summer months. I like the Color Mascara from NYX Professional Makeup, and they have so many different colors to choose from. When changing up the color of your mascara it's important to keep the skin looking fresh and natural looking.


How did you do model Allie's makeup on our last shoot and what products did you use?

For the look book shots, I went for a more elegant and sophisticated look, I used MAC face and body foundation and a Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen to achieve a natural looking complexion. I then added a Full brow, one layer of dark brown mascara and a fun peach lip. For the editorial shots, I kept the same natural looking skin but added a moisturizing mist spray over it. I also used shiny cream for highlight spots and a sun-kissed cream blush to the apple of the cheek. l brushed the brow upwards so that it had a natural appearance and used MAC coffee eyeliner pencil around the eye frame, smudging the liner giving it an "after party look!" I completed the look with an orange/brown lip.


Continue the party with late-night drinks at Parker & Lenox, a speakeasy that regularly flies musicians in from New York or Buenos Aires to perform at weekends, and for salsa dancing, Club San Luis in Roma Sur is an experience in itself. It has a 20-piece live band, and the dancing is phenomenal.

~ Danielle