Some of the most successful teams — from creative partners to business colleagues to teams on The Amazing Race — have been sibling teams, and it's easy to figure out why: siblings are naturally competitive, they can freely provide feedback, they quickly move on from arguments, and they're each other's biggest cheerleaders. They've been teammates — for better or worse — since the very beginning of their lives.

Take the sisterly duo behind the jewelry brand Dannijo, Danielle and Jodie Snyder. Growing up together in Jacksonville, FL, they "worked" together to teach themselves wirework using their cardiologist father's medical tools. Reconnecting in New York after college, the two picked up their old hobby again, creating a capsule jewelry collection for Danielle's nonprofit, Live With a Lifelong Ambition, and then they officially launched Dannijo in 2008. Today, the jewelry pieces are designed and manufactured in NYC, and the packaging is hand made in Rwanda as part of a women's empowerment partnership with Indego Africa.

The sisters-turned-business partners clearly have similar values and share a vision for their company — to the point where you might not be able to tell where the brand ends and their relationship begins. We asked Danielle to tell us why she thinks business partnerships between sisters tend to flourish, so keep reading for her insights on why this this unique bond lends itself to business success.

1. There's That Spooky Brain-Sharing Thing

Even if you don't have a sister, you've likely witnessed the weird, vaguely psychic thing that happens among close siblings. "When sisters are as close as us, it's like they literally share a brain," Danielle said. "They know what each other are thinking during and after meetings before they even talk about it." For business partners, this makes communication more seamless and efficient.

2. There's So. Much. Trust.

Most sisters will echo Danielle's belief that "there's an unparalleled level of trust that comes with the bond." There's no shortage of stories about friendships-turned-business-partnerships that went sour, in which the friendship sank along with the business venture. Sisters, however, often have an unwavering trust in each other (they're literally in this relationship for life, after all), so they can be bolder in business decisions, knowing they've got each other as a safety net.

3. There's an Ability to Divide and Conquer

Although sisters can share similarities, no two people are completely alike, and Danielle touts differing skillsets as a key factor in well-rounded partnerships. "I tend to focus more on the creative whereas Jodie tends to be more involved on the business side. We overlap on a lot, but as the brand has grown we've gotten more comfortable dividing and conquering."

 4. There's Complete and Total Honesty
Even with your closest of friends or business colleagues, there's often some element of professional restraint when it comes to expressing yourselves. Not so with sisters! The Dannijo duo insists that "sisters can be completely honest and forward with each other in a way that most partners cannot — their bond is so powerful they can have confrontation and move past it rather than harboring anger for long periods of time."


5. There's Always a Little Healthy Competition

The competitive games of childhood never really stop for siblings, and in a business partnership, that can be a real benefit. A healthy level of competition in a sisterly business venture is a good thing, pushing each sibling to work harder and achieve more (even if it's just to one-up your sister).

Parting Wisdom For Sisterly Entrepreneurs

If you and your sister are thinking of going into business together, here's a bit of wisdom from Danielle: "My advice for sisters who want to join forces in business is make sure each has a different skill set and there is an idea of who will oversee what in the company so there isn't constant clashing. Make sure sisterhood and friendship always come before business."


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