I recently sat down with NYC Media to chat entrepreneurship, being a woman in business, and the adventures of DANNIJO over the last decade for an episode of Her Big Idea.  The series features inspiring profiles of NYC women entrepreneurs, who transformed a simple concept into a thriving business in New York City. In this episode, I talk about launching a brand in the heart of the recession, getting fired, working alongside my sister, and sustaining a business without investment. I also discuss the brand's powerful storytelling, our philanthropic partnership with Indego Africa and Beyonce buying a DANNIJO necklace at Bergdorf Goodman our first week in business.  

I'm honored to be alongside the stories of Ovando founder Sandra de Ovando, Try the World co-founder Kat Vorotova and Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho. Watch the 30 minute episode below and learn how these women surmounted obstacles and defied challenging odds to build a profitable business in one of the world’s most competitive economic environments.

--Xx Danielle-- 


Continue the party with late-night drinks at Parker & Lenox, a speakeasy that regularly flies musicians in from New York or Buenos Aires to perform at weekends, and for salsa dancing, Club San Luis in Roma Sur is an experience in itself. It has a 20-piece live band, and the dancing is phenomenal.

~ Danielle