Not many of you know this but Jodie sometimes calls me Rain Man. It's not because when a box of toothpicks drops to the floor I know precisely how many fell (246), and it's not because I'm savant. It's because I'm really, really, really good at something. And unlike Raymond it's not numbers -- it's becoming obsessed with something and finding a way to it. That sounds really creepy. But I mean it in a business sense not a stalker sense.

Did that opener pique your interest? Are you still reading? Ok cool. I'm going to explain: I discovered Image Skincare a few years ago and became abnormally obsessed with their sunscreen. The smell. The feel. Everything. So naturally, I contacted them, and here we are - a photoshoot and pajama party later.

As with everything we feature on World of Dannijo, it's because we love and recommend it and because it's organic for us to share it.  What we love most about our job is the people we meet, the experiences we create and the evolution of the brand and its interests. See below for pics from our pre-fashion week Girls Night In Pajama Party, our Image Skincare shoot, and a list of our must-have products. 

-xx Danielle-

1. The SPF That Feels as Good as it Smells and Actually Protects You: 

PREVENTION+ daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50


2. The Serum That Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

3. The Neck Creme That Prevents The Unwanted Sag:

the MAX™ stem cell neck lift


4. The Best Way To Fight Tired, Droopy Eyes:

VITAL C hydrating eye recovery gel


5. For The Ultimate Kissable Lips:

ORMEDIC balancing lip enhancement complex

We wanted to be able to share our must-have products with you (pictured below), so for a limited time, we're gifting our curated 'Forever Young' kit on all orders over $100, so start shopping!

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Continue the party with late-night drinks at Parker & Lenox, a speakeasy that regularly flies musicians in from New York or Buenos Aires to perform at weekends, and for salsa dancing, Club San Luis in Roma Sur is an experience in itself. It has a 20-piece live band, and the dancing is phenomenal.

~ Danielle