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From Foot to Ear: What To Wear This Holiday Season

THE EAR SHOULD SPEAK TO THE FOOT. That sounds weird but if you think about it, it makes sense. Case in point: when you're packing for holiday travel, the shoes have to speak to the jewels which have to speak to the bag and on and on it goes. And herein lies the headache.  Style really is quite a process. I love style yet I find myself overwhelmed by the pairing options when it comes to assembling an ensemble -- particularly when I have to plan ahead and pack ready-to-go looks.  I need that software Cher used in Clueless to visualize what my potential outfits will look like assembled rather than having to try everything on. Unfortunately, I don't have that software which is why I made the below style cheatsheet to save my headspace for less trivial matters. With muses Christy Turlington, Audrey Hepburn and Claudia Schiffer, I curated three no-brainer holiday looks for you. Hope you enjoy the styling and get some mileage from these pairings (pun intended). Happy shopping!

-xx Danielle-

1. The 90s Supermodel > forward-facing pearl and crystal hoops and black combat boots


Christy Turlington


2. Little Miss Sophisticate > the everyday doorknocker Rylan stud and iconic mule


Audrey Hepburn


3. Ice, Ice Baby > crystal earring overload and sparkly Cinderella stilettos


Claudia Schiffer


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