By Danielle Snyder


I recently visited San Miguel de Allende and fell in love with the city. From the charming cobblestone streets, to the local artisanal baskets, flower headbands and eclectic art and furniture--not to mention the heavenly food-- I was in my element.

Dancing in a local artisanal dress and Dannijo armparty

I was so inspired there and the people we met along the way were lovely. It's the kind of place you want to wander around and get lost in the streets, stumble upon local artisans and move through the enchanting architecture.

My last evening in town I had the pleasure of eating at the home of Casa Dragones. Our group got a dynamic history lesson on their unique tequila and dined in the home on one of the most spectacular meals I've ever had -- one prepared by Áperi and paired with Casa Dragones Joven.

At the Casa Dragones Home

The temperature in SMA drops at night so I ended up sitting inside by the fireplace post-meal sipping on the last of my tequila. It was then that I met the lovely Brenda Gallardo of Casa Dragones and @sanmiguelinsider -- and she began to tell me what it was like to be a local there and what spots were "must see" which is how I ended up asking if she'd put together an exclusive guide for World of Dannijo. And here we are. I sincerely hope you get the chance to visit. It truly is one of the most magical places on the planet. 

--xx Danielle--

Entrance to Casa Dragones Home

Inside San Miguel by Brenda Gallardo 

San Miguel de Allende-- a designated World Heritage Site and awarded 'Best City in the World' on Travel + Leisure's 2017 roundup-- is one of the most charming places I've ever been and far surpassed my expectations. 

Not only is the weather amazing, it's located in the heart of Mexico and is considered a magical town. There are a number of secret” local spots, but as a popular tourist destination, one can dine exceptionally on every type of cuisine from traditional Mexican to the most international variations.

After living in San Miguel for 8 years, I've discovered a number of incredible places, yet still haven't been to many of them. There are so many interesting local festivities and international happenings as well. The best chefs are investing in San Miguel, popping up with new restaurants in the last 3 years. 

As a local, I still love to recommend visiting a variety of places during your stay in San Miguel. Below I've broken down a cheat-sheet of my favorite spots for you to get inspired by when you make your way over to this magical town. 

Best Coffee Shops in SMA

  • Cafe de la Ventana - you purchase the Chiapas coffee through a tiny, cute little window.
  • Cafe buen día located in one of the most beautiful areas -- “callejon del pueblito." The spot is owned and run by a family, and has became the go-to spot for locals. They also serve a fantastic breakfast.
  • Cafe de la Mancha - I love the owners! They are a young couple from CDMX. They run the cafe out of the same splace where they live and take care of their adorable baby girl. They were both former baristas, and you can find all types of coffee with varying techniques.  
  • PANIO - The spot belongs to CUMPANIO restaurant´s company,  who has several outlets. It's a gourmet cafe with a traditional French bakery.


Best Breakfast Spots

  • Inside Cafe
  • Cafe Lavanda
  • Posada Corazón

All of the above spots feature organic, home-made breakfast, and use local products. These SMA breakfast recommendations also have beautiful views of the city and cozy seating.

Best Restaurants


  • Atrio
  • I love it for either lunch or dinner. It's European fusion and one of the best roof tops and one of my two favorite views in all of town.
  • La Parada 
  • The one and only Peruvian restaurant. Authentic Peruvian ceviches, pisco sour and beautiful ambiance.
  • Áperi
Considered the best restaurant with the best chef in town.
  • Mattero Salas 
This Italian-Mexican restaurant is inspired by European flavors which makes for an unique fusion/international menu. In addition to their "regular menu," you can do “The Chefs Table” which I highly recommend if you're looking for a real gastronomic experience. The Chefs Table is private and limited to 8 seats-- 7 courses paired with different spirits, including my favorite Casa Dragones Joven.
  • Jacinto 1930  
Inspired by the most antique Mexican flavors, and using the same authentic ingredients fused with Matteo Salas' contemporary style, Jacinto 1930 is considered the best casual dining restaurant. 
  • The Restaurant
Run by one of the Top Chefs in town, Donnie Masterton. The Restaurant has become a favorite place for locals and tourists and features international cuisine. It's the perfect spot to dine on Thursdays when they have “Burger night” - a range of unconventional burgers with authentic style. The ambience features beautiful architecture and a live DJ, which also makes it a great spot for drinks.


Best Local /Mexican Restaurants

  • Los Milagros
Casual place, with a very San Miguel´s vibe featuring Mexican “comida” style. It's like real home cooking - Mexican flavors plus Mexican live music. One of my favorite Mexican lunch and dinner spots. Order the “molcajete with salsa verde, shrimp, chicken, arrachera & chorizo!
  • La Alborada
Also a very casual local spot. The owner is in charge of cooking and running her business. Dining here feels like you're eating in an authentic Mexican home-- dine on some good Pozole or enchiladas!

Drinks & Rooftops

  • La Azotea
Love the ambiance and music! This is where Mexican tourists or locals will go for drinks any day of the week. Besides dancing to some good music, you must try the Jicama Taco! Instead of tortilla you have Jicama and breaded shrimp, toasted onion and chipotle mayo.
  • Antonia
The drinks are great, but what makes this place unique, is its spectacular view. No other place in San Miguel has such a panoramic view, where you can enjoy the sunset and have a good dinner.


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