The understated summer staple is having a fashion moment.

The trend for woven basket-style bags looks set to stay, with all manner of shapes and styles hitting stores.

But bags made from straw, rattan, jute and seagrass have existed as functional items since ancient Egypt. Their role as a fashion item began in the 1950s, according to Jill Brady, founder of the Sackrider Museum of Handbags. She told the Wall Street Journal that the understated totes were largely found in far-flung beachside destinations, and so became a status symbol for those wealthy enough to travel regularly.



Of course, Jane Birkin remains the woman most associated with the style. In the late ‘60s and ‘70s her trusty lidded basket was seen on her arm in almost every photo. It wasn’t until 1981 that a chance meeting with Hermès founder Jean-Louis Dumas resulted in the creation of the Birkin.


Dannijo co-founders Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder-Morel have long loved woven bags, and collect second-hand and vintage pieces on their travels. “We love baskets for the beach and the city,” says Danni. “They add a touch of Jane Birkin relaxed cool to any outfit.”



From their perspective, baskets are a perfect canvas for customisation. Follow their lead in using vintage scarves and shells to make your vacation find one of a kind. 


Don't have the time? For summer 2019, the sisters have added an array of basket bags to their collection, each customized with unique vintage-inspired details. The Neko ($265) and the Becca ($195) are perfect for beach days, roomy enough for water bottles, sunscreen and shades.



Two further designs were created in collaboration with their friends at Poolside. The adorable Ariana bag ($255) features the word 'LOVE' embroidered in shells and was a favorite with Danni during her wedding weekend. The Mak ($250), which also features shells and has a drawstring pouch, made an appearance on her honeymoon. 

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