Next Sunday June 30 is New York's Pride parade, the largest in the world. We'll be joining the two-mile march and want all of our #Dannijogirls alongside us!


The celebration of LGBTQIA+ liberation is always important, but 2019 is especially significant because it's 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising. The anniversary remembers the night in June 1969 when police raided the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, a favorite with New York's then-marginalized gay community. This kind of harassment was a common occurrence at the time, but that night, patrons fought back. 



Hundreds of members of the gay community gathered in solidarity with the Stonewall patrons, and what began as a police raid escalated into a riot, with officers barricading themselves inside the Stonewall Inn. But even when reinforcements arrived, the crowd would not be restrained.



The 1969 riots marked the beginning of the modern gay rights movement and inspired the Pride events that take place across the globe each year.


Today, much has improved, but LGBTQIA+ individuals continue to experience discrimination, both in America and across the globe. It's why, no matter how far we've come, it's still important to stand up for equality and acceptance for all.


Join us in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community and march with us from noon from the junction of 26th Street and 5th Avenue. We can't wait to see you there!



From our tie-dye slips and hoodies to friendship bracelets and rainbow hoops, get march-ready with Dannijo's #Pridewear edit:

Wear with Pride: Rainbow crystal Vega hoops, $145; Gigi necklace, $118tie-dye slip, $350


Life in color: Jamie & Marney friendship bracelets, $70; Blossom earrings, $171.50; Hank necklace, $177; Concho bracelet, $88

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Continue the party with late-night drinks at Parker & Lenox, a speakeasy that regularly flies musicians in from New York or Buenos Aires to perform at weekends, and for salsa dancing, Club San Luis in Roma Sur is an experience in itself. It has a 20-piece live band, and the dancing is phenomenal.

~ Danielle