The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way people go about their lives across the globe, and for most of us, that means staying safe at home to reduce the risk of catching - and spreading - Covid-19.

So what to do with those hours we used to spend commuting to work, hanging out with friends and browsing brick-and-mortar stores?

Well, if you’re rediscovering your creative side, you’re not alone. Interest in crafting has mushroomed since we’ve all been staying home, and with good reason: it’s a screen-free way to pass the time, plus activities like knitting and embroidery have been found to reduce levels of stress and anxiety - something we could all do with at a time like this.

Here, we’re sharing our favorite kits and tutorials to get you started on your quarencrafting journey. 

Try DIY Tie Dye

It’s no secret that Danni and Jodie love tie-dye - just browse the latest drop of Dannijo hoodies and slips for proof. It’s a trend that’s set to stick around for a while, too, so you’re sure to get plenty of wear out of anything you tie-dye at home. 

There are lots of different kits out there, and your choice will really depend on your personal taste, but these DIY DANNIJO Tie Dye Kits are our obviously faves and include 10 bottles of our favorite Tulip dye, a Hanes tank top, white bandana, one iron-on patch, iron-on Woodstock designs, gloves, rubber bands and a reusable surface cover. So you'll have exactly what you need to get the party started!

Buy a Knit Kit

If you thought knitting was just something your grandmother did, think again, as it’s never been cooler to create your own scarf or sweater. All you need is a ball of yarn, some needles, and a YouTube tutorial to get on your way. We love some of the knitting kits available at We Are Knitters though, as the patterns are chic, plus you’re provided with the right kind of needles and wool for each project. 

Embroider everything

Embroidery is a really versatile skill to master, especially if you have a hankering to embellish your clothes and home furnishings with words, witty motifs or flowers. All you need to get started are some needles and thread - we recommend going for a pre-assembled kit to get you going with all the basics. This $30 one from chic NYC home decor store Apprvl ticks all the boxes.

Perfect your scrawl

There’s something so special about seeing your name written in beautiful calligraphy, whether it’s on a wedding invite or a place card at a fancy dinner. And with a little practice, you can bring that same joy to your friends and family. Again, this is one of those crafts best approached with a kit containing a brush pen and ink, as well as clear instructions and tutorials. This $33 version, by Printable Wisdom, is the best-rated on Etsy.

Make your own Dannijo jewelry

We saved the best for last! Our DIY bead kits contain everything you need to make your very own necklace - the stretchy elastic means you can repurpose your necklaces as headbands, or wrap them a couple of times around your wrist for an arm party. Use the letter beads to spell words, the color ones to create an ombré effect, or go for a more random arrangement to get that ‘summer camp’ vibe that’s trending hard right now. 

The DIY Bead Kit ($65) is a perfect gift or starter pack, while the Deluxe DIY Bead Kit ($110) contains over 3,000 pieces - more than enough to share with the family, friends or kids you may be in quarantine with.

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